It seems to get worse and worse for the new series of Top Gear as initial viewing figures from the 3rd episode have dropped even more. The 1st episode started below expectations, reaching 4.4 million viewers. Whilst the 2nd had a significant drop down to 2.8 million, this week however only managed to reach 2.4 million viewers, an all time low for the show.

It is to be noted that the show had a lot of competition this week, with the shows target audience gripped by the Euro 2016 tournament on BBC 1, the viewing figures are expected to rise significantly over the coming week, once the target audience have watched via the BBC’s iPlayer service.

Reviews for the 3rd episode are largely positive compared to the opening show, is it coincidence that reviews of the show are getting better as Chris Evans is featuring less and less?

Extra Gear presenters Chris Harris and Rory Reid appear to have gone down a hit with their debut on the main show and are expected to now feature on every episode until the end of the series.

The anti Chris Evans tweets continued this week:



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