topgear3With the viewing figures plummeting week on week, it looks like the possibility of there being another series hangs in the balance. Bookmakers, Betway, are quoting 5/4 for BBC to put the brakes on another series and thinks co-presenter Matt LeBlanc’s chances of presenting season 24 are in the balance at 2/1.

Matt-le-Blanc-says-a-Brexit-joke-on-Top-GearBetway are also offering short odds of 4/7 for the show to be back with another series with Chris to return as host. As Episode 4 was launched last night and no official viewing figures yet to be released, The initial opening saw Chris Harris smashing the Aston Martin Vulcan round the track which was the highlight of the show. The next and last exciting part of the whole 1 hour long show was watching Eddie Jordan play the spoons to the exit theme tune!

ClVcigdWEAANYoJThe only other part of Episode 4 which seemed to go down well on social media was the joke that Matt LeBlanc made whilst introducing the stig. Refering to the EU Leave or Stay topic He said: “Some say he thinks Brexit is a laxative. And for tax purposes is classified as a biscuit.”

” Brexit is a laxative! The best line on Top Gear so far!” tweeted one fan while another added: “Quote of the week!”

Matt-le-Blanc-says-a-Brexit-joke-on-Top-Gear-mainEven with Eddie Jordan playing the spoons combined with the best joke yet on Top Gear The bookmakers have predicted that next weeks show will have the lowest viewing figures yet with under 2.4million viewers.

Will Top Gear be axed alltogether or will they just have a major shakeup and find new presenters?  99376864-Top-Gear-2016-matt-leblanc-large_trans++eo_i_u9APj8RuoebjoAHt0k9u7HhRJvuo-ZLenGRumA



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