batmobileThis Batmobile, Inspired from the 2015 video game, Arkham Knight, has the heart of a Lamborghini. Car company Caresto took the heart out of a Lamborghini gallardo and moulded a full scale replica made completely from Carbon Fibre to match that of the video game.

batmobile2batmobile3Whats powering the Batmobile? Underneath Bruce Wayne play toy is 560bhp derived from a V10 which can push this beast upto 202mph.

batmobile4On the interior its clad with full leather and LEDs to give it the authentic BatMobile feel, but yet still with all the modcons like power steering, stereo and climate control to keep the driver comfortable.

batmobile7batmobile5This isnt a small car, with the framing enlarging the car and the carbon fiber panels bolted on make this thing look huge. The wheel base is over 11 Feet!

batmobile8Just to make it look even more cool and to give you the feel that your just about to get into a fighter jet, the cockpit lid opens automatically with hydrolics.

batmobile6+Is it functional? It certainly is. This Batmobile has just completed the Dublin to Bucharest Gumball3000 rally and literally turned heads wherever it went.



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