bellandrossYou wouldn’t expect a watch maker to come up with such a design but Bell & Ross have smashed it with this concept. A lot of reminiscence to a Lamborghini mixed with a Ford GT at the front and Ferrari resemblance at the rear but combined looks stunning.

bellan2drossIt seems quite a smooth transition for Bell & Ross considering the clientele that would buy their expensive jewellery would more than likely either have a taste for supercars or already have one from other marques sat in their garage.

bell2This model is called the BR 03 Aero GT and got inspiration from Aeronautics and Grand Touring. The Aeronautics aspect is easily seem from the rear of the car with the 2 huge exhausts looking like they have come straight from a fighter jet and the wing mirrors sticking out the side making it look like the wings of a plane.

belllThis car is said be coming with a 4.2L V8 capable of 602hp, eight speed automatic transmission, 0-60 under 3 seconds and top speeds of 200mph.



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