tg_-line-upWhilst most would believe that the host joined the show for the passion and love of cars it seems that the real reason that Matt LeBlanc joined Top Gear was because he simply needed employment.

Matt LeBlanc revealed to James Cordon on the Late Late Show that he was simply unemployed and ‘looking for a job’ when the producers called and asked whether he would like to be a presenter on the show. He said: “Episodes was coming to an end and I needed a job. And I said – why not?

MAIN-Top-GearIn the interview he also revealed that he found it difficult to drive in the UK compared to the US because the UK has much narrower roads and were built for horse and carts.

This news comes following the slump in viewing figures week on week from the episode one reaching 5 million, the second only acheiving 2.8 million and the third installment only managing 2.4 million, a record low for the show.





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