13502934_10154098775252631_2558498164731216598_oThe greatly anticipated upcoming movie due to be released in 2017, Fast and Furious 8 have released just some of the hundreds of epic cars that are normally included in the Fast and Furious franchise.

fast-and-furious-8-ice-cars-004-630x330The FF8 movie is still being filmed and at present they are on location in Iceland which means they have had to think outside the box about which vehicles to use in the film due to the abnormal driving terrain.

fast-and-furious-8-ice-cars-003-630x330Of course, they couldnt just place a load of Tank like vehicles in there, Roman (tyrese gibson) has been placed with the italian supercar, predictable,

13522845_10154098775257631_3429878454772854654_oA muscle car for Dom (Vin Deisel), predictable but Hobbs car is pretty special im sure you’ll agree. The ICE RAM!

fast-and-furious-8-ice-cars-002-630x330Regardless of what they choose, we cant wait for this movie to be released and are holding on to every peice of leaked pic, video or article we can get our hands on to wet our appetites until this film hits our screen in April 2017.



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