2017_nissan_gt_r_nismo_gt500_01This GTR with all its JDM goodness, huge wing on the back and packing 600bhp is the Nismo race car for the GT500 series.2017_nissan_gt_r_nismo_gt500_02Due to regulations in the series, it has 25% downforce, a 2.0 turbo charged engine and a tad over 1000kg in weight. This means the GTR has a lower centre of gravity and half a tonne lighter than the GTR’s we can buy off the shelf!2017_nissan_gt_r_nismo_gt500_03

The Nismo boss said: “We will make further development improvements during off-season tests and aim to create a race car that will shine brilliantly within the history of motor sports.”

Lexus picked up the trophy last season so Nismo have something to prove with this beast.2017_nissan_gt_r_nismo_gt500_04


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