Black Code Air Freshener



Meet the Gaskings Black Code Air Freshener – Dark & mysterious with a smooth citrus, sweet scent!

Perfect to cover up all your un-pleasant smells in the car!

Each fragrance has its own design on 1 side, with the standard TheKing logo on the reverse side.

Once opened, fragrances can last up to 20 days* under the right conditions or more.

If buying more than 1 air freshener – left unopened in a cool, dry place, the fresheners can be stored for 1 year or more.

*External factors effect the life of fresheners:

Direct sunlight – If the car is in direct sunlight, the fragrance may only last a week, this is because the sun melts the fragrances at a faster rate. Car heaters – Regular use of the heater will also ‘melt’ the fragrance quickly, reducing its lifetime. Dirty cars and smoking – pollutants can reduce the length of time a freshener lasts too, as can frequently driving with the windows open.

Tip… If you only remove part of the wrapper, the fragrance can last up to four weeks or more!

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