After we watched this video a few times over it did start to dawn on us, why would someone carry on filming the sky when a bright orange McLaren was rolling down the road yet the camera didn’t flinch once until the McLaren had been apparently smashed with a skateboard.

However, We happily shared the video with no facts to state that it was fake! Since then the video has blown up reaching nearly 10 million views. It seems the video came around by accident. The car belongs to an exotic car rental company and the windscreen was already smashed and everyone in the video are friends.

Carlo, The owner of the McLaren stated in an email:

We did this as a simple spoof with zero intent to have the video go viral. In fact, this was the very first video I have EVER posted on YouTube. I myself rarely ever get on YouTube to watch videos. And just to clarify, the windshield on the McLaren was ALREADY CRACKED from a big rock chip a few weeks back.
It was scheduled to get replacement the day after we filmed the video. We just decided to have a little innocent fun among ourselves. Everyone in the video knows each other.


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