veneno2Firstly, who puts an £8million car up for sale with such god awful pictures with terrible angles, Bad lighting and low resolution, Anyway! When Lamborghini launched the Lamborghini Veneno in 2013 it also came with an eye watering price tag of £2.79Million. That now seems small change for the amount a Lamborghini Veneno has just come on the market for sale at a staggering £8Million.


It is listed on a German website called Mobile.De by a Japanese dealer for €9.98Million! If you’re a stranger to the Veneno, first of all where have you been hiding and secondly it comes with 750hp from a V12 engine and was built to mark Lamborghini’s 50th Birthday.


2 of the 5 cars ever built remain at the factory and this is one of the 3 that were made available to the public up for sale so with it being so rare, it is no wonder that it has surpassed its RRP and an astronomical amount is being asked for this rare piece of automotive history. The other 2 apparently reside in Long island and the other in Miami in the USA.

venenoIt was originally bought by a customer in Macau and it only has 522 miles on the clock so has hardly being driven. With this hefty price tag you can be pretty sure the next owner will treat this as a long term investment rather than a play toy for his or her car collection.



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